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Ones To Watch For



Name: AlliCat


Allison Lindsay, better known as AlliCat, is a multi-faceted hip-hop and spoken word artist that began writing at the age of 15. Born and raised in Mansfield, Ohio, AlliCat knew that she wanted to one day travel the world, and share her craft while doing so. While only sharing her work with closefriends throughout her college and military careers, she gained a sizable network that now spans across multiple countries throughout the world. Her style is informative, yet versatile, her punchlines are poignant, and her commercial delivery is piercing yet welcomed by listeners of all ages. Since establishing her base audience out of Honolulu, Hawaii in 2009, AlliCat has worked with a host of local talent and continues to support the local music scene by providing a platform at various venues throughout the island l

Hobby Bill




Name: OG'Fa


Age: 30-ish


O.G'Fa hails from the city of Chicago, and started rapping at 11. At 18, OG'Fa joined in the service of his country, and music was put on hold. Fate intervened upon his musical hiatus while he was stationed in Hawaii, where he met and joined up with Kanasi, who'd started his own label called Sawed Off Entertainment. The Sawed Off Ent. family went on to perform at major Hawaii nightclubs, as well as open shows for major label artists such as Twista, Three Six Mafia, GS Boyz, Party Boyz, B Hamp and many others.


Label or Crew: DOW Music LLC | Sawed Off Entertainment







Name: Aktion


Age: 31


Musical influences : Unknown


What's your goal as an artist? Be the best at what he does and do what he does best.


Label or Crew: Twentybirdz






Twitter: @Twentybirdz

P Dinero


Name: P Dinero


Age: ??


Musical influences : Ace Hood, Rick Ross, Jadakiss, Wale


What's your goal as an artist? Be the best at what he does and do what he does best.


Label or Crew: Dangerous Minds Ent.






Twitter: @P_Dinero_dme

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