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Manure to Mozart

If you’re like me, you rarely, if ever, listen to the radio in your car. You may tune in for some news, your favorite morning show, but after hearing the same over-auto-tuned, lazy-tongued garbage that’s been shoved down so many of our throats, you happily and quickly press play on your mixed CD, or your Spotify playlist, YouTube, etc.

Back in the day, the thrill of being a disc jockey was being the FIRST person to play a future hit. You wanted the accolades for breaking the next Bruno Mars or Rihanna. Nowadays, the decisions of who does or doesn’t get played are made by people who don’t look like you, don’t think like you, BUT believe in things like metrics and demographic.

You see, music is a great persuader. Subliminally nudging you to drink this drink or rock these shoes versus those shoes, so with all the free advertising given to major shoe and apparel companies by rappers, do you think it’s just coincidence that certain brands are mentioned over and over in their songs?

it is hard, but I really try to keep that kind of music to a minimum in my station programming. As a DJ, yes, I know there’s a market for it, the youngins love it, but there’s a limit. I know manure when I hear it, lol. But I also have to remember that manure to me is Mozart to others.

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